by Michael Arnstein

Sun, 08/29/2010

Are Greens a Part of a Fruitarian Diet?

I call myself The Fruitarian and my diet -- Fruitarianism because most of my calories come from fruit. I do eat greens as well as the occasional root vegetable and coconuts from time to time. In my food choices I try to follow my cravings and my instincts. I also pay a close attention to how different foods make me feel and how they affect my body and my performance. I don’t eat any foods out of fear of deficiencies – either mineral or caloric. I eat what I enjoy eating, what I crave the most, and what makes me feel good. I think it is very important not to become too obsessed with perfection of just one factor in your health program – such as your diet – striving for 100% fruit or 100% organic. While a certain degree of dedication is necessary during the transition period , once you are ‘out of the woods’ -- you need to switch your focus to pursuing other things in life that you are passionate about.

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