by Michael Arnstein

Fri, 08/20/2010

Famous Vegetarian and Vegan Bodybuilders, Athletes, Sportsmen and Sportswomen

There are many athletes in the sports world that made a decision to stop eating meat for a number of reasons, one of them being their awareness that meat is absolutely unnecessary for an attainment of a true health. Here's a list of some of these great athletes: Albert Beckles -- Bodybuilder Alexander Dargatz -- Bodybuilder, German athlete, 2005 Body-Building World Champion, and a physician Andreas Cahling -- Swedish Bodybuilder Anthony Peeler -- Basketball Player Anton Innauer -- Olympic Gold Medal In Ski Jumping Aura Andrew -- Bodybuilder B J Armstrong -- Basketball Player Star Bill Pear -- Bodybuilder Bill Walton -- Baskeball Player and Sportscaster Billie Jean King -- Tennis Player Brendan Brazier -- Professional Ironman Triathlete, Speaker and Author -- Vegan Carl Lewis -- American Track and Field Athlete, 10 Olympic medals including 9 golds, and 10 World Championships medals, of which 8 were golds Chris Campbell -- American world champion wrestler Chris Prince -- Vegan Muay Tai and Mixed Martial Arts Fighter Christine Vardaros -- Profesional Cyclist (Cyclo-Cross) Cory Everson -- Bodybuilder, 6 Times Mr. Olympia Craig Heath -- Professional Figure Skater Dave Scott -- Triathlete and Coach -- Six times Ironman World Champion -- Vegan Denise Nicole -- Professional Model and Bodybuilder Desmond Howard -- American professional football player Donny Lalonde -- Canadian professional boxer Dr. Ruth Heidrich -- Triathlete, Health Books -- 'Extreme mama' Ed Bauer -- Bodybuilder Ed Templeton -- Proffesional Skateboarder Edwin Moses -- Track and Field athlete, Olympic champion -- 4 Golden Medals Elena Walendzik -- 2005 German featherweight boxing champion Eustace Miles -- Tennis player and author, 10 time British Tennis Champion Giacomo Marchese -- Bodybuilder Jack LaLanne -- American fitness, exercise and nutritional expert, celebrity, lecturer, and motivational speaker Jacque Vaughn -- American professional basketball player Jim Morris -- Mr America 1973 y Mister Olympia 1996 Joel Kirkilis -- Bodybuilder and Lifter, Victoria (Aus) Bodybuilding champion, 2009 John Salley -- Basketball Player Johnny Weissmuller -- Swimmer and Actor of Tarzan Judy Ledenlge -- British world hang gliding champion Jutta Müller -- German Skater and Skating Coach, windsurfing World Cup champion Kathy Johnson -- American Artistic gymnast and commentator Kenneth G. Williams -- Professional Vegan Bodybuilder Killer Kowalski -- Canadian professional wrestler, He trained WWE professional wrestlers, including Triple H Leroy Burrell -- American track & field star, Olympic champion Leslie Marx -- American fencer and two-time national champion Luiz Freitas -- Bodybuilder Mac Danzig -- Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter and Instructor Marv Levy -- Professional American and Canadian Football coach Murray Rose -- Men's Swimming at 17 -- 4 Golden Medals for Australia Paavo Nurmi -- Finnish long-distance runner and 12-time Olympic medal winner Pat Reeves -- Marathon Runner, Personal Trainer, BAWLA Coach and Fitness Consultant Patrick Reiners -- Bodybuilder Peter Hussing -- Boxing Champion Ricardo Moreira -- Vegan MMA Fighter Rich Roll -- Athlete Rob Bigwood -- Profesional Armwrestler Robbie Hazeley -- Vegan Bodybuilder (53 years Old) Robert Cheeke -- Vegan Bodybuilder, President of Vegan Bodybuilding & Fitness -- Robert Lichtenwalner -- Mountain Biker Robert Millar -- Scottish professional cyclist who won the King of the Mountains competition Robert Parish -- Baskeball Player, NBA Star Roy Hilligenn -- Bodybuilder, Mr. America 1951 Ruth Heidrich -- American Health Educator and Three-time Ironman Contestant Ryan Wilson -- Strength Athlete, Strongman competition Salim Stoudamire -- Professional Basketball Player in the NBA Scott Jurek -- Ultramarathoner Sebastian Grubb -- Fitness Trainer, Nutrition Coach, Professional Dancer Silken Laumann -- Canadian champion rower 2 Golden Medals Tiffany Croker -- Weightlifter Tim VanOrden -- Track & Field, Road Racing, Mountain Running, Stair Climbing Toni Innauer -- Sky Jumper Tony LaRussa -- American Baseball Team Manager Tonya Kay -- Professional Dancer Torre Washington -- Bodybuilder Weia Reinboud -- Masters High jumper Willie Austin -- Former World Class Athlete, internationally recognised As Strength Trainer

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